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Divas Hair Streaks

Instant oomph for Divas of all ages.



Twelve fadtastic colors.


Divas are made from real human hair.

Braid - wash - comb - gel blow - dry - brush - curl - ponytails - bangs - be creative!

Super fun to mix and match.

Divas clip in quickly & easily.


Divas are perfect for:
• Cheer squads who want extra visual pop
• Celebs & Influencers looking for products
• Stylists and their shoot kits
• Companies & Charities seking fresh promo items
• Investors looking for the next big thing

Divas Highlights:
• Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards appearance
• Sold out at Fred Segal and beauty stores
• 'Business in a Bag' helps kids operate a business
• Divas are monsterously profitable
• People who buy 1 Divas Hair Streak, usually buy 3

Success is in the Bag!

Streak your way to the top!

Divas 'Business in a Bag’ is a great way for kids to become successful business people in the popular hair color trend.








Initial investment includes everything needed to operate an empire:

• Business in a Bag bag
• 36 hair streaks (3 of each color)
• Inventory forms
• Account Ledger
• Business cards
• Letterhead
• Photo Frames
• Flyer and poster
• Sales tips

"I love business in a bag - it’s a great chance to teach my daughter the kind of basic business skills I know she’ll need as an adult"

- Barbara Simpkins
Satisfied mother

"I'm going to make millions!"

- MIndy Simpkins
Excited young entrepreneur

Divas Hair Streaks

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